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Cover for Sommaren vid havet

Sommaren vid havet

Som en virvelvind svepte hon in i den fridfulla lilla kuststaden. Ingenting blev sedan sig likt … Roberta Jewetts entré i Camden gick knappast någon förbi. Efter storstadslivet i ...

Cover for The Man Who Came Back

The Man Who Came Back

No one seemed to know how exactly Philip Drew was. It appeared that he was in the village temporarily to assist the local doctor. Yet in the manor house Falaise, there is a portrai ...

Cover for Nile Dusk

Nile Dusk

When her great-aunt passed, Romilly was pleased to find that she had inherited a house in Cairo. To her surprise, Crighton Bey cautioned her about her new possessions. Romilly coul ...

Cover for Man and Maid

Man and Maid

'Man and Maid' might sound like the working title of something 11 year-old Jane Austen jotted down during recess, and whilst this might not be E. Nesbit's most imaginative of title ...

Cover for The Incredible Honeymoon

The Incredible Honeymoon

Love can be confusing but should that stop us from pursuing it?This is a love story about a bored young man who desperately seeks adventure. He finally achieves his dream when he s ...

Cover for Miss Sarah Jack

Miss Sarah Jack

Wealthy spinster Miss Sarah Jack encourages young Maurice Cumming, the impoverished proprietor of a Jamaican coffee and sugar plantation, to run for the House of Assembly in Jamaic ...

Cover for As a Man Lives

As a Man Lives

Also published under the title ‘The Yellow House’, ‘As a Man Lives’ is an E. Phillips Oppenheim tale packed full of his trademark mystery and suspense. The story is narrated by our ...

Cover for Berenice


First published in 1907, ‘Berenice’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim tells the tale of the lonely gentleman Matravers. A man of high tastes with very definite views, he writes reviews for ...

Cover for The Double Life

The Double Life

Auctioneer Alfred Burton’s life is turned upside-down following a miraculous encounter in an empty house. Burton finds himself unable to speak, see, or think anything but the truth ...

Cover for The Way of These Women

The Way of These Women

Wealthy playwright Sir Jermyn Annerley finds himself caught up in a love-triangle between the beautiful actress Sybil Cluley and his rival for her love, Lord Lakenham. Secrets from ...

Cover for The Two Destinies

The Two Destinies

Surprisingly, not the true story about what happened to the other two after Beyoncé disbanded Destiny's Child to pursue a solo career, 'The Two Destinies' is a manageable little nu ...

Cover for The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

Enticed by a large sum of money, Jessie, a spunky young girl of 20 summers, moves into a grand house inhabited by three older men. Now, if you think you already know where 'Queen o ...

Cover for The Golden Lion of Granpere

The Golden Lion of Granpere

One of three novels Anthony Trollope published anonymously at the height of his career, ‘The Golden Lion of Granpere’ is a tale of forbidden love. Set in the Alsace region of Franc ...

Cover for Kuilu


Nuori nainen aloittaa opinnot Pariisin yliopistossa. Pian hän kohtaa ranskalaisen miehen, joka mullistaa naisen elämän. Suhde on raastava, sillä mies on naimisissa, ja rakastuminen ...

Cover for Kapkaupungin valot

Kapkaupungin valot

Kanadalainen Ray Millington on vetänyt malminetsintäsafareja kartoittamattomassa Keski-Afrikassa jo vuosia. Nyt mies kaipaa vaihtelua, mutta ensin hänen on kuitenkin löydettävä vai ...

Cover for Andien varjo

Andien varjo

Inga Shepstone saapuu Kapkaupunkiin huolissaan epävarmasta tulevaisuudestaan. Hän saa kuitenkin yllätyksekseen ylennyksen työssään Johannesburgissa. Positiivista elämänmuutosta var ...

Cover for Riikinkukkolinna


Jessica Clavering on nuori englantilaisneito, joka päätyy vasten tahtoaan naimisiin. Sulhanen on rikas australialainen mies – ja juuri taloudelliset syyt saavat Jessican taipumaan ...

Cover for Kielletty alue

Kielletty alue

Anneli on sairaanhoitaja suuressa naistensairaalassa. Hänen päivittäinen työnsä on nopeatahtista väsyttävää. Hänen sydämessään palaa kuitenkin intohimo työtä kohtaan, mikä auttaa h ...

Cover for Rakkauspeli


Mies ottaa kotiinsa tärkeän vieraan, oman tyttärensä Marien. Isä on järjestänyt tyttärelleen paikan jazz-yhtyeessä, äidin toiveiden vastaisesti. Mies ei voi kuin ihmetellä, kuinka ...

Cover for Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

A shipwreck on the shores of Illyria leaves Viola stranded alone in a strange place. Believing that everyone, including her twin brother Sebastian, is dead, she decides to disguise ...

Cover for Troilus and Cressida

Troilus and Cressida

The young Trojan prince Troilus falls in love with Cressida, daughter of a Trojan priest. With the Trojan War raging around them, the young couple professes their undying love for ...

Cover for The Spectacles

The Spectacles

Ever wondered what would happen if Poe left his gloom and doom-hungry readers in the lurch to crack a few jokes?The answer is Poe’s rare comedy in the form of "The Spectacles" (184 ...

Cover for The Incomplete Amorist

The Incomplete Amorist

Throughout our lives most of us struggle with the big L: Love, and so does 18-year-old Betty Desmond.Brought up by a strict stepfather, the young girl makes an imprudent match when ...

Cover for The Matrimonial Bureau

The Matrimonial Bureau

‘The Matrimonial Bureau’ follows the exploits of four fanciful young women, who spend their time daydreaming of their Prince Charming. The ladies find themselves in plenty of humor ...

Cover for Marion Fay

Marion Fay

First published in 1882, ‘Marion Fay’ is one of Anthony Trollope’s later novels. It follows two intertwined romances involving members of the upper and lower class. Lord Hampstead ...